A Saw palmetto hair loss treatment is all natural. Hair loss is one of the most common afflictions that people experience. Millions of men and women have what is called androgenic alopecia. This is referred to as male or female pattern baldness.

This all natural extract treatment works by interrupting hormonal signals and therefore preventing the follicles from being damaged by a chemical called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). There are both topical and oral preparations. This treatment is easy to use.

There are several options you can take to fix this problem. There are a couple of products that have been approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). But this extract is the only all natural cure available.

This extract comes from a palm tree found in the United States. It is very common in the state of California. The berries from this palm tree are used to actually produce the herb Saw Palmetto. They are used in many different natural cures.

Native Americans have been using this herb to treat a number of different conditions. This natural extract has been also used as a food source. It is a multi-purpose herb that heals many illnesses. Saw palmetto hair loss supplements have recently been used to reverse the effects of thinning tresses. The results have been very successful without any side effects. Unlike other solutions, this natural cure is not toxic and is chemical free.

It is believed that a Saw palmetto hair loss supplement works by reducing the DHT levels in the body. It does this by blocking certain enzymes, which is needed by testosterone to create DHT. No major studies have been done on this herb and its ability to stop the loss of hair. But a small sample study has been performed. A majority of the subjects in this study reported stopping the loss of hair and experienced new re-growth.

The FDA has not approved this as a means to stop thinning and re-grow tresses. It is provided to the public only as a nutritional supplement. So if you are suffering from MPB or FPB, you may want to investigate using this herbal supplement.

There are now many companies selling saw palmetto hair loss treatments. The results will vary with each user. There are different variations on the dosage amount and formulations. But they are all completely natural without chemicals. Because this is a natural product, it means that there are variations in the amount of active ingredients that the berries contain. At present, there are no regulated manufacturing standards for the purity of saw palmetto and so far the treatment has not yet been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration for safety. Therefore, purity and effectiveness cannot be guaranteed and there can also be wide variations in the quality of the brand. Customers should only buy from reputable companies. You should also make sure that the preparation contains the natural extracts. This product can be easily purchased online. There are a number of providers that sell this product from their official websites. It is also available in certain health food stores.