Nioxin And Chi Hair Products Together Again!

The two most sought-after hair products are together again. So what do we mean by this? Nioxin is all about hair growth and Chi is all about straightening and helping your hair. So why put them together. The answer is for the most healthy hair possible and we mean not just to feel it but to look at it as well. Nioxin works by stimulating hair at the root to get proper growth. Most people think that Nioxin is only for men and women that have thinning hair but the fact of the matter is that Nioxin can help you to prevent hair growth problems and that is the best way to prevent hair problems in general. So do you have to use Nioxin every day? The answer is that you don’t have to use it every day to get the full benefits but you should know that the more that you use it the more cumulative your healthy hair results will be. For example, if you only use it a couple of days and then quit and follow this pattern then you will definitely not get the results that you are looking for. We suggest using Nioxin every other day and then you can use other hair products in between. But it should be noted that hair products like Nioxin are gentle enough to be used every day and in fact a remanufactured to be used every day. If you are already suffering thinning or hair loss then we strongly suggest that you try using them every day as this means that you are already behind the eight ball. Getting to the hormone that causes hair loss in men and in many women takes persistence and stamina but by using products like Nioxin you can work on that hormone to help with your hair loss and thinning hair problems. We have had several women that were suffering from all kinds of hair problems such as split ends and damage while styling. They tried products like Redken that made their hair look a little better but did nothing for the actual health and after using Nioxin for 2 solid months they could tell that the hair that was growing out was much healthier than the processed hair that they had on their head. This new healthier hair was because of the increased blood flow to the root of the hair. This increased blow flow brought nutrition as well as stimulation and the final result is healthier hair that can withstand treatments to the hair such as perming, coloring and highlighting the hair. So if you are having hair health problems then give Nioxin a try as most of our customers are very excited about the results that they get with Nioxin.

Now, what about Chi hair products? Why would we want to also talk about them? For starters, if you do not know about Chi then you won’t know that they manufacture a complete line of hair styling products including flat irons, curling irons and hair dryers as well as many products to us why you are styling such as gels and hair styling sprays. These sprays are designed to protect the hair while styling. Most all of the Chi hair styling irons are made with ceramics. These ceramics do a wonderful job of protecting the hair while styling so it means that you don’t get the hair damage and problems while styling. So maybe now you see why Nioxin and Chi go together. They are all about healthier hair and the two together do a very good job of protecting the hair during styling.

The ceramic irons that Chi makes do cost a little more and everyone wonders if the cost is worth it. We feel is that the answer is yes since they do so much to prevent hair damage while styling with heat. Remember that heat is the number one thing that can damage your hair and cause everything from dry hair to damaged frizzy hair that can take forever to get back under control so choosing the correct styling aids is everything. Chi makes the best!