Anyone who is struggling to grow their hair long or has been losing their hair wants to know how to make their hair grow fast. People will try anything from brushing their hair frequently to trying different shampoo and products and most of the time see no results.

It is not that hard to get your hair to grow if you look after it properly and if you want to keep it shiny and healthy there are some steps you can take, without taking expensive medications, prescription drugs that have side effects or anything full with chemicals.

There are a few steps to take to make your hair grow fast without resorting to crazy measure like using horse shampoo on your hair like some people do.

  1. here is no need to brush your hair several times a day, or as some people suggest use the brush on your scalp to improve circulation. All this will do is to pull your hair out and damage your scalp.
  2. Avoid putting your hair into a ponytail or any hairstyle that pulls your hair back. This can pull your hair out by the follicles and result in hair loss.
  3. Avoid harsh shampoo with poor Ph and chemicals. These can damage both your hair and your scalp. Get a shampoo for your type of hair and do not grab the first thing you find on the shelf.
  4. If you use any gel or mousse on your hair check to make sure there are no complaints or problems with it.
  5. Take vitamins or hair supplements every day. Even if you eat a healthy diet it does not mean you are getting all the vitamins and proteins you need for your hair. By taking vitamins you can be sure you are getting what you need for your hair to grow fast and keep a healthy head of hair.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and staying away from smoking and alcohol and exercise all help as well.

The other two major causes of hair loss and slow hair growth are stress and crash dieting. If you want your hair to grow fast avoid crash dieting as this deprives your body of both vitamins and proteins. Stress can cause hair loss and prevent your hair growing properly.

Looking after your hair and leading a healthy lifestyle will help you to keep your hair and make your hair grow fast and healthy.