When your typical body weight workouts start to feel a little boring, using a pair of slider discs can help make things better (like girls volleyball knee pads). Sliding discs add an element of instability, forcing you to recruit more muscle to maintain proper shape and movement.

They’re an incredible tool for adding more challenges to your workout. They force you to activate your core during workouts, but they do much more than that. They can work every muscle in your body, build strength and even help improve your fitness and respiratory system.

How do sliders work?

Instead of placing your feet or hands on the floor for a specific exercise, you will place them on a slider, which moves on a flat surface.

A movement like that of a traditional climber can be difficult for some people, especially at the impact of the toes when changing legs. Sliders remove bouncing from the equation and provide a transition time under the aspect of tension for the entire movement.

Because of that extra time under tension, you must move more slowly and with control to keep your muscles engaged. They allow for gradual movement through the eccentric and concentric muscle contractions, which is when you lengthen or shorten your muscle during an exercise, as well as isometric work, which is the static contraction or the amount of time you keep an exercise from moving.

Sliding discs are also versatile enough that beginners and more experienced athletes can benefit. You can use them for low-impact movements and full-body work, which usually involves the legs and arms, and focuses heavily on the core muscles in an unconventional way.

Also, because they are small and lightweight, sliders are a perfect training tool on the go. Sliders are a great option when you’re looking for something you can save for travel or just to go to the gym or park. They allow you to get a lot of movement with a simple piece of equipment.

What should you consider before buying them?

Although most sliders are circular, they come in different shapes, such as oval and hexagonal. The shape you choose depends on how you plan to use them and the size of your hands and feet. For example, an oval one might provide more surface area for planting your limbs.

They are also usually double-sided, so you can use them on different surfaces. The surface you will use them on is important. Generally, lawn or carpet would require a hard-backed slider, while some gym or hardwood floors in the home would require sliders with a felt-like material on the bottom.

Also, you’ll want to make sure at least one of the surfaces is easy to grip and won’t slip when things get hot.