The HerStyler 3P features ceramic plates that work similar to most other ceramic hair curling and straightening products – the negative ions produced by the ceramic plates help to remove any residual moisture from the hair to effectively shape it.

The HerStyler 3P curling iron comes with a thermal glove as standard, so there is no need to buy another one, which makes the price seem even more attractive. It also comes with 3 separate barrels so you can change the barrel to match the size of curl that you want. Changing them is simple enough, though obviously, you will want to be doing this with the power off! Just press a switch to release the barrel and then change, that is all that is required. It’s a little tricky to change the barrels, but with a little practice, it can be done easily enough.

If you are not interested in additional barrels and want to own a more traditional curling iron, then I recommend you to have an eye on the today’s Amazon’s bestseller Remington CI95AC/2 curling iron. If you want to find out more about this curling iron and compare it to other models you can always look through the full list of best-selling curling irons on

Even if you have tried other curling irons and they either have not worked or the curls have not lasted all that long, then you will find that the HerStyler 3P will do the job just great! And if you already have curly hair (lucky you!) then this iron will assist in giving you perfect beach curls that will last all day – just curl and go. For straight hair like me then the Herstyler 3P is ideal – just make sure that you use a little bit of hair serum since these tongs can get HOT!

Let’s look together at the main features of the HerStyler 3P curling iron:

  • utilizes the latest ceramic and digital technology;
  • designed for professional use;
  • safe, easy and fast hair curling experience;
  • one year full warranty.

And now let’s look what happy owners of the HerStyler 3P have to say about this curling iron:

  1. This product is very easy to use. Simply section off your hair & wrap the sections of hair around the curling rod, starting at the crown all the way to the end.
  2. I bought this product for my wife and daughter. They both have long hair. The styles they come up with all the different attachments is amazing. This is such a versatile product and the end result is very professional!
  3. I have very soft, straight hair that can rarely keep a curl and feel dirty if I don’t wash my hair daily. But when I woke up the next day my hair was still wavy and “messy-ish” it looked funky but nice enough for me to go to work at my office which is a professional business setting.
  4. Definitely worth the money! SUPER EASY and FAST!

If you always wanted to have a curly hair then the HerStyler 3P curler set it’s definitely your choice! You can see this wonderful curler iron set in the many local stores. But only can offer you today the best price on the HerStyler 3P Curler Iron Set. So, do not miss your chance to become an owner of this amazing professional unit!