Fabao 101D  is a solution for hair loss that originates from China. This is a herbal solution that  is supposed to be based on Chinese medicine practices and is supposed to help you to regrow your hair based on the idea that poor circulation in the scalp  is responsible for your hair loss and excess sebum that blocks the follices and stops hair growth

This is one of the first products I tried myself when I started suffering hair loss and we will come to the results of that shortly in this fabao 101D review.

What is in Fabao 101D?

  1. Water… I think everyone knows what that is!
  2. Angelical Archangelica root. This is a flavoring and I cannot find any reference to how this treats hair loss.
  3. Ethyl Alcohol. Besides the fact you can drink it I cannot see any use for this.
  4. Ginseng. This is used to prevent hair loss and is supposed to help reduce stress to which can cause your hair loss.
  5. Wolfberry Fruit. This is a jack-of-all-trades in Chinese medicine and is used to treat anything and everything. There is no proof it does anything at all though to help with hair loss.

These are the main ingredients and really there is nothing there that jumps out and tells me “I can treat hair loss” or anything I can see in there that can help, besides Ginseng. There are supposed to be 101 ingredients in this product and this is where it gets it to name from.

How do you use Fabao 101D?

You put it on your scalp twice a day, rubbing it in with your fingers and using it on the affected areas. When I used it  I found it felt very sticky, had a funny smell and most importantly…did not work! I used it for nearly 5 months and the only thing I got from it was a complaint from my bank manager!

Another problem I found with it was with the alcohol that was used it. This is used for some purpose I could not work out.  One problem with this though is using this on your scalp makes it dry out quickly and I noticed my scalp started becoming very dry and flaky after using this for a while.


I personally used this for several months and it did not work at all. It can work out to be quite expensive and I would stay well clear of it.  There are numerous testimonials for it but no studies to back it up. From my own experience it does not work and there are far better treatments that are effective and do work such as provillus and procerin.